Album: Detective Conan The Time-Bombed Skyscraper (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Katsuo Ohno on Apple Music

April 23, 1997 17 Songs, 50 minutes A USM JAPAN release; ℗ 1997 UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC

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Detail description:


01 Detective Conan Main Theme (The.flac

02 Eikokufuukan.flac

03 The Time-Bombed Skyscraper.flac

04 Bakuhahanninno Theme.flac

05 Hanninkarano Denwa.flac

06 Bakuhayokoku.flac

07 Bakudannshori.flac

08 Theme Of Ran (The Time-Bombed Sk.flac

09 Shounentanteidan No Theme (The T.flac

10 Inbou (The Time-Bombed Skyscrape.flac

11 Shinobiyoru Kiki.flac

12 Kinkyuu Shirei.flac

13 Theme Of Taiketsu (The Time-Bomb.flac

14 Sousa Kaishi (The Time-Bombed Sk.flac

15 Nishino Meitantei (The Time-Bomb.flac

16 Hirusagari No Tenshi Tachi (The.flac

17 Omoide (The Time-Bombed Skyscrap.flac