EQ All Star – Best Guitar Instrumentals Collection (2012)


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EQ All Star – Best Guitar Instrumentals Vol. 1 (2012) [FLAC] 1. What a Wonderful World (Instrumental).flac
2. Beauty and the Beast (Instrumental).flac
3. Right Here Waiting (Instrumental).flac
4. Candle in the Wind (Instrumental).flac
5. Sweet Child O’mine (Instrumental).flac
6. Have I Told You Lately (Instrumental).flac
7. I Believe I Can Fly (Instrumental).flac
8. I’ll Be There for You (Instrumental).flac
9. Killing Me Softly (Instrumental).flac
10. Let It Be (Instrumental).flac
11. My Heart Will Go On (Instrumental).flac
12. Hey Jude (Instrumental).flac
13. Every Breath You Take (Instrumental).flac
14. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You (Instrumental
15. Can’t You Feel the Love Tonight (Instrumental).
16. As Long As You Love Me (Instrumental).flac
17. A Whole New World (Instrumental).flac
18. It Must Have Been Love (Instrumental).flac
19. Wonderwall (Instrumental).flac
20. Moon River (Instrumental).flac
21. The Power of Love (Instrumental).flac
22. Silent Night, Holy Night (Instrumental).flac
23. Take My Breath Away (Instrumental).flac
24. Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You (Instrument
25. Unbreak My Heart (Instrumental).flac
26. When a Man Love a Women (Instrumental).flac
27. Unforgettable (Instrumental).flac
28. Two Become One (Instrumental).flac

EQ All Star – Best Guitar Instrumentals Vol. 2 (2012) [FLAC] 1. The Long and Winding Road (Instrumental).flac
2. Tequila Sunrise (Instrumental).flac
3. Save the Best for Last (Instrumental).flac
4. Nobody Know (Instrumental).flac
5. Nothing Gonna Change My Love for You (Instrumental).flac
6. Kiss from a Rose (Instrumental).flac
7. Lady in Red (Instrumental).flac
8. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Instrumental).flac
9. First of May (Instrumental).flac
10. Evergreen (Instrumental).flac
11. How Deep Is Your Love (Instrumental).flac
12. Don’t Speak (Instrumental).flac
13. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Instrumental).flac
14. Arthur’s Theme (Instrumental).flac
15. Because You Loved Me (Instrumental).flac
16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Instrumental).flac
17. How Could an Angel Break My Heart (Instrumental).flac
18. I Swear (Instrumental).flac
19. I Will Always Love You (Instrumental).flac
20. Love Is All Around (Instrumental).flac
21. Jesus to a Child (Instrumental).flac
22. Michelle (Instrumental).flac
23. Promise Me (Instrumental).flac
24. Sealed With a Kiss (Instrumental).flac
25. Tears in Heaven (Instrumental).flac
26. Up Where We Belong (Instrumental).flac
27. Unchained Melody (Instrumental).flac
28. When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Instrumental).flac

EQ All Star – Best Guitar Instrumentals Vol. 3 (2012) [FLAC] 1. Stand By Me (Instrumental).flac
2. Please Don’t Go (Instrumental).flac
3. Mama (Instrumental).flac
4. Forever Love (Instrumental).flac
5. Eye in the Sky (Instrumental).flac
6. Aubrey (Instrumental).flac
7. Blue Bayou (Instrumental).flac
8. Lara’ Theme (Instrumental).flac
9. Memory (Instrumental).flac
10. Nikita (Instrumental).flac
11. Butterfly Kisses (Instrumental).flac
12. Runaway (Instrumental).flac
13. Strangers in the Night (Instrumental).flac
14. Think of Me (Instrumental).flac
15. To Be With You (Instrumental).flac
16. All Cried Out (Instrumental).flac
17. Where Do You Go (Instrumental).flac
18. So Fine (Instrumental).flac
19. Rose (Instrumental).flac
20. Only You (Instrumental).flac
21. Daniel (Instrumental).flac
22. Angel of Mine (Instrumental).flac
23. Against All Odds (Instrumental).flac
24. Feeling (Instrumental).flac
25. All Out of Love (Instrumental).flac
26. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (Instrumental).flac
27. Angie (Instrumental).flac
28. All for Love (Instrumental).flac

EQ All Star – Best Guitar Instrumentals Vol. 4 (2012) [FLAC] 1. Always On My Mind (Instrumental).flac
2. Drive (Instrumental).flac
3. I Just Called to Say I Love You (Instrumental).flac
4. Rock Your Baby (Instrumental).flac
5. Hello (Instrumental).flac
6. The Rose (Instrumental).flac
7. When I Need You (Instrumental).flac
8. Love of the Common People (Instrumental).flac
9. Greatest Love of All (Instrumental).flac
10. Some People (Instrumental).flac
11. Yesterday (Instrumental).flac
12. Money for Nothing (Instrumental).flac
13. Take Me Home, Country Roads (Instrumental).flac
14. Eternal Flame (Instrumental).flac
15. La Vie En Rose (Instrumental).flac
16. Where Do I Begin (Instrumental).flac
17. Careless Whisper (Instrumental).flac
18. Rose Garden (Instrumental).flac
19. West End Girls (Instrumental).flac
20. Adios Amigo (Instrumental).flac
21. Hero (Instrumental).flac
22. Do It to Me (Instrumental).flac
23. September Morn (Instrumental).flac
24. Do You Know Where You’re Going to (Instrumental).flac
25. Love Hangover (Instrumental).flac
26. A Hard Day’s Night (Instrumental).flac
27. The World (Instrumental).flac
28. Last Christmas (Instrumental).flac

EQ All Star – Best Guitar Instrumentals Vol. 5 (2012) [FLAC] 1. Somewhere in My Memory (Instrumental).flac
2. No Ordinary Love (Instrumental).flac
3. Yesterday Once More (Instrumental).flac
4. Can I Touch You … There- (Instrumental).flac
5. When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman (Instrumental).flac
6. If You Leave Me Now (Instrumental).flac
7. I’d Lie for You (Instrumental).flac
8. When Love and Hate Collide (Instrumental).flac
9. My Friends (Instrumental).flac
10. Goldeneye (Instrumental).flac
11. You’ll See (Instrumental).flac
12. Lie to Me (Instrumental).flac
13. Free As a Bird (Instrumental).flac
14. Don’t Look Back in Anger (Instrumental).flac
15. Here There and Everywhere (Instrumental).flac
16. Fastlove (Instrumental).flac
17. Don’t Wanna Lose You (Instrumental).flac
18. Everywhere (Instrumental).flac
19. One Sweet Day (Instrumental).flac
20. Nothing Compare 2 U (Instrumental).flac
21. Bridge Over Trouble Water (Instrumental).flac
22. Time of My Life (Instrumental).flac
23. New Kid in Town (Instrumental).flac
24. Show Me Heaven (Instrumental).flac
25. Cherish (Instrumental).flac
26. Another Day in Paradise (Instrumental).flac
27. Dancing Queen (Instrumental).flac
28. Say You, Say Me (Instrumental).flac

EQ All Star – Best Guitar Instrumentals Vol. 6 (2012) [FLAC] 1. She’s Like the Wind (Instrumental).flac
2. I Can’t Dance (Instrumental).flac
3. Save the Last Dance for Me (Instrumental).flac
4. Spanish Eyes (Instrumental).flac
5. Annie’s Song (Instrumental).flac
6. The Perfect Year (Instrumental).flac
7. Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover (Instrumental).flac
8. I Have Nothing (Instrumental).flac
9. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (Instrumental).flac
10. Baker Street (Instrumental).flac
11. Sing a Song of Love to Me (Instrumental).flac
12. Daddy Cool (Instrumental).flac
13. Wind Beneath My Wings (Instrumental).flac
14. Bye Bye Love (Instrumental).flac
15. Music Box (Instrumental).flac
16. Dedicated to the One I Love (Instrumental).flac
17. Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon (Instrumental).flac
18. Someday (Instrumental).flac
19. Conquest of Paradise (Instrumental).flac
20. Father Figure (Instrumental).flac
21. This Ain’t a Love Song (Instrumental).flac
22. Earth Song (Instrumental).flac
23. Quit Playin’ Games (Instrumental).flac
24. Beautiful Sunday (Instrumental).flac
25. Casablanca (Instrumental).flac
26. To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before (Instrumental).flac
27. How Do I Live (Instrumental).flac
28. You Light Up My Life (Instrumental).flac